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We are here to build confidence, capability, and fulfillment through fitness. We are the premier provider of specialized and tailored health and fitness services in the area. Each step through our system is designed for you as an individual.

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Looking for a way to strengthen and revive a worn down body? Chasing higher levels of performance in your sport? Connecting with your body again after having kids? Peak Potential Fitness is here to design the road map for all of these goals with a program made just for YOU!

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Michael Netsch
Michael Netsch

Working with David to achieve my fitness goals was fantastic. David takes the time to listen to your goals and provides a good plan to reach those goals.

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02 December

How to Push Back on Flu Season

David Austin
Natural Remedies... Eat Very Lightly or Not At All - With most illnesses, the appetite is diminished. This is a natural response of the body. Energy is needed to fight off the infection, so the...
04 October

Top 5 Health Tips

David Austin
The foundations excellent health and fitness ALWAYS start with basics.  It can seem silly to talk about, but the basics are often overlooked in the hustle of life.  Breathing - take 100 deep breath...